Redken Blonde Idol Blue Oil Lightening System

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Vendor : Redken

Product Type : Lightener

Sku : P10428

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Powder and oil system for perfectly customized results on and off scalp.


  • Customizable Blue Powder Activator + Oil Booster
  • Specially formulated for on-scalp lightening
  • Customizable application based on your client's needs with 1 or 2 powder packettes
  • Up to 7 levels of lift
  • Luxuriously smooth consistency for easy application with a bottle or bowl and brush
  • Remains moist during processing for easy mixing
  • System includes 1 oil booster and 4 powder packettes


Powder: 1-2 Packettes
Oil: 1 oz
Pro-oxide Cream Developer: 2oz of 10 or 20 vol.
Processing Time: Until desired lightness is achieved, for a maximum of up to 50 minutes

Powder: 1-2 Packettes
Oil: 1oz
Pro-oxide Cream Developer: 2oz of 10or 20vollume
Processing Time: Until desired lightness is achieved, for a maximum of up to 50 minutes

Use only with Pro-oxide Cream Developer 10vol. or 20volume. Do not exceed more than 2 packettes per application.


  • Wear suitable disposable gloves
  • Mix products in well-ventilated area
  • Place the recommended amount of powder and oil in a non-metallic bowl or applicator bottle and mix thoroughly
  • Add the specified amount of developer and mix/shake until a smooth consistency is achieved